Change Leadership

Change Leadership
and Change Readiness

Corporate change landscape: Organisations are experiencing unprecedented change to adapt to new technology, regulations, globalisation and international competition as well as efficiencies to realise cost reductions and closer alignment to their customers’ needs.


Change Leadership

– Change is the new norm yet people are experiencing significant challenge that comes from the uncertainty and complexity of these changes.

– It is only getting faster. Nothing will slow down, things will only get faster.

– Self-leadership and strategies are needed. How can people can understand their reactions to change and self-regulate

This programme is tailored to suit managers and leaders of change.


* Understand the brain and its positive and negative reaction to change.

* Develop a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset of your capabilities.

* Shift your emotional reactions to change to accelerate your acceptance and performance. Learn a 30 second circuit breaker to reset yourself positively.

* Understand the change curve and the S-curve to discern the importance of a leaders’ role during change and transition and how to support others through that.

* Learn self-leadership strategies to improve your approach to change.

* As leaders, develop a coaching approach to leading change to ensure people are empowered to embrace the change.

*Support yourself and others to form new habits through neuroplasticity.


I have embraced and implemented the training delivered on neuroscience of leadership and sales and it has helped me improve my own and my team’s performance. With the current changes in the business, understanding the brain and stress has also helped me coach my team through the changes”.

Rebecca Coulson,
Advertising Sales Manager,
Manly Daily, Cumberland Courier

During a 3-month period, combining neuroscience and advanced coaching techniques, engagement levels at Manly Daily increased from 65% to 92%. Call rates increased from 12 to 17 a week and the team made budget every month in the following quarter for the first time in six months. There were significant structural, organisational and technology changes that the leader and employees also had to embrace in order to perform in the future.