Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership

Using Neuroscience to enhance traditional Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) approaches to safety management. Learn a scientific, evidence based approach to understanding how our brains work and how to select new ways of thinking and behaving in order to reduce human errors in the workplace.


Safety Leadership

* We are moving faster with new technology, less hierarchy and more change than ever before.

* Legislative requirements for workplaces means proactively training workforce to be safe at work.

* The cost of physical and mental injury to organisations is significant.

* There is a need for people to understand safety. It is no longer acceptable just be told “what” to do or what the safety process is. Empower your team to understand “why” and “how” they need to create safe environments.


* By understanding how the brain works, employees and managers can lead themselves and others more effectively and safely

* Understand how the brain is wired for attention and focus to create a safe workplace.

* Understand the impact of multitasking on cognitive attention and how a negative state affect your ability to solve problems and assess the environment.

* Learn more about the power of neuroplasticity. How you can help others to shift their hard-wired ways of functioning and ‘rewire’ their unconscious brain to create new, safer behaviours.

* Utilising a mindful approach to safety to improve focus and expanded awareness.

* Take a coaching approach to safety leadership to ensure the insights are generated through “ask” rather than a “tell” approach to safety and rules. Learn how to engage, influence, motivate others and facilitate positive safety change application of brain-based communication and coaching techniques.


“Excellent, informative and interactive, definitely a worthwhile workshop” 

“Great program, Dee is extremely competent, personable and engaging. I would recommend Dee and this workshop to anyone” 

“Very practical & real, Great workshop”


Deanne Boules – the insightful and accomplished WHS & HR professional, speaker, facilitator and coach with extensive and diverse experience and expertise in workplace health and safety and a passion for building pro-active, productive safety cultures through the application of the principles of modern psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and other transformational methodologies to gain acceptance and achieve positive change in an organisations safety culture. 

A former NSW Police Officer, Work Cover (now SafeWork) NSW Inspector & Senior WHS & HR Executive for a number of iconic Australian and Global companies prior to starting Insync Workplace Solutions in 2012. 

Deanne has formal qualifications and extensive experience in Work Health and Safety, Human Resources, Training and Assessment, Coaching and Change Management. She is an accredited Neuroscience practitioner and is also currently completing her Bachelor of Psychology.