Coaching for Managers

A Brain-Based Coaching methodology

Through a brain-based methodology, managers can accelerate their ability to develop their team members, enabling individuals to achieve high performance outcomes and reach their potential. It focuses on facilitating improved thinking and behaviours by engaging the whole brain, generating insights and utilising techniques proven to increase the likelihood of changing behaviours.

How does it differ from regular coaching?

Coaching Skills for Managers

The GROW Model is a well-established coaching methodology that many organisations have trained their managers in over the last two decades. It provides a great structural and directional basis as a foundation for a coaching conversation. 

The GROW-WISE model provides the manager with a more clearly defined way of developing people that creates transformational change rather than purely transactional change. 

The Iceberg Model (see illustration) shows that conversations which go ‘beneath the water level’ tap into an individual’s thoughts, feelings, motivations and values. The WISE component spells out how to support an authentic, insight-driven, behaviour changing conversation.

Whole brain goal setting is using the whole brain to set a goal. Get your team inspired. Set a goal and discuss with them what it will mean to them, and how they will feel, when they achieve it. 

Developing a brain-friendly coaching environment will: 

  • focus on the thinking; break out of autopilot behaviours
  • encourage new insights
  • leverage the brain’s preference for hardwiring
  • embed new behaviours and outcomes


* Strategies to have regular performance conversations whilst supporting empowerment and learning

* Establish a growth mindset about your own and others capabilities

* Provide regular feedback (both positive and constructive in a way that motivates, encourages, empowers and develops team members)

* Whole-brain coaching to increase engagement and outcome

* Insight driven for more innovative ways to achieve outcomes

* Improve likelihood of behavioural change and actions taken

Coaching Skills for Managers and Supervisors


I was introduced to EnHansen Performance through a leadership course titled NeuroLeadership TREAD: Neuroscience sheds light on how to lead more effectively.

As a senior manager, I was looking for a new way to engage with my staff, and through training & coaching I have been able to successfully adapt my style and move towards the use of ‘thinking questions’ to assist my staff arrive at solutions, rather than them being dependent on me to provide the answer.

Understanding the way in which others think, respond emotionally, or are motivated has enabled me to stay calm when confronted with staff conflict and has improved my ability to work with others and coach them to achieve.

My leadership has significantly improved as a direct result of Kristen’s coaching and utilising these strategies. My peers have commented on my confidence and calmness under pressure and the impact that has had on those working with me.

Rosemary Hegner
Director | Health Emergency Management Unit
Office of the State HSFAC Sydney Ambulance Centre

Coaching Strategies for Managers