Sales Effectiveness

Neuroscience of Sales Effectiveness Workshop

This workshop is designed to support the development of the participants in communication, influence, rapport, self-awareness and questioning techniques.

The workshop will be designed to utilise real workplace examples for the participants in discussions and completion of exercises.

Sales Effectiveness

It will also include some aspects of the neuroscience of personal performance and emotional intelligence. This will heighten their understanding of social motivators and improve their ability to influence and collaborate with others effectively. It will also improve their decision-making and emotion regulation capabilities. 

This will be drawn from our Neuroleadership TREAD model (How to Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind). We will also draw from the field of Neuromarketing regarding persuasion and delivering messages with impact).

Neuroscience of Sales Effectiveness can be booked as a:

  • 1 h Keynote presentation
  • ½ day workshop
  • 1 day workshop
  • 2 day intensive

Please contact us to tailor the programme to suit you.


* Elements of Effective Communication

* Decision-making and innovative problem solving

* Emotion regulation and stress management techniques

* Active Listening and Questioning techniques to identify needs and handle objections

* Coaching techniques to improve structure of conversations and identify needs

* Collaborating and influencing others through social motivators plus exercises around building this into everyday communication and relationship building

*Improving body language to impact communication

*Deliver messages with impact (deliver to the reptilian brain, research from neuromarketing regarding persuasion)


“Understanding how our brains work, how the buyer’s brain processes thoughts and how the process affects their purchasing decisions was a real eye opener and can now be applied to the sales effort”.

Amir Demiri
State Sales Manager NSW

“Without doubt, neuroscience is the next step in improving sales and understanding the motivations to purchase”.

Mladen Vuksanic
Business Development Manager

“Kristen was very insightful and the neuroscience on how the brain works and why people react the way they do, opened my eyes to a new way to approach clients”

Nelson Solinap
State Account Manager
Sony Computer Entertainment

“In three days Kristen Hansen not only enlightened me to the fascinating power of my own brain, but inspired me of the potential of unlocking that of my customers.”

“Selling without understanding neuroscience, is like trying to eat a bowel of jelly with chop sticks.”

“To only understand the Features and Benefits of your product doesn’t cut it in this new age of well informed and increasingly time poor customers. Until you can start utilising neuroscience to emotionally land your benefits where they count, you’ll never reach your full potential as a salesperson.”

Owen McDonald
Architectural Consultant