Leading for Neurodiversity

A neuroscience perspective on leading neurodiversity in the workplace



As leaders, we need to create a thriving, innovative, inclusive environment that capitalises on the diversity of our team members

We need to reduce stigma, increase awareness and conversation, providing accommodations for the neurodiversity within our team.

75% of the neurodivergent population hide or mask their condition.


Neurodivergence is a concept gaining broader recognition and understanding; encompasses a wide range of neurological variations that deviate from the societal norms of “typical” cognitive functioning.

Building and Leading High Performing and Neuroinclusive Teams


  • Increase managers’ understanding of neurodiversity and its relevance and benefits in the workplace.
  • Explore the neuroscience behind neurodiversity and its implications for leadership. No two brains are alike!
  • Equip managers with practical strategies and communication skills for fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment for neurodiverse employees.
  • Empower managers to leverage neurodiversity to enhance team performance, innovation, and productivity.

  15%-20% of the Australian

      population are neurodivergent.

1. Introduction to Neurodiversity and Neuroscience
2. Understanding Neurodiverse Perspectives
3. Neurodiversity Leadership Skills; Communication, Coaching and Empathy
4. Empowering Neurodiverse Talent Through Neuroplasticity
5. Accommodations and Supportive Leadership Practices
6. Leveraging Neurodiversity for High Performance


  • Understanding neurological variation
  • Improve thinking, learning and social difference
  • Understanding of difference vs disability
  • Benefits, advantages and strengths
  • Learn about barriers, challenges and support needs
  • Inclusive environments and services
  • Person-centred approaches
  • Improve communication tools
  • Innovations and opportunities


I found the session very empowering -this is within our control to improve, it’s not something that happens to us. It was a good reminder to be conscious of how my preferences / motivators are different to my teams’.

The content was awesome! Its different because Kristen makes you understand that we react because we are human beings and gives you practical tips on how to react quickly when you feel like you’re in a threat situation, and also how to foster psychological safety in others.

Macquarie Bank

Kristen is a world of knowledge in the neuroscience space. Her passion and energy for the subject alongside her sales leadership experience in corporate settings brings together practical take-aways for leaders in applying the concepts.

I would highly recommend Kristen for future training in this space. Kristen’s session with Westpac AFS leaders received positive feedback, the leaders enjoyed the balance of the proven brain science concepts along with the practical leaderships learnings.

Teresa O’Brien
HR Manager

What Our Clients Are Saying

The quality of the training has been fantastic and our staff is really engaging with the trainer and getting something out of it.“

Joanne Fung
Senior Manager
BT Financial

Kristen Hansen presented on the Neuroscience of Leadership to over 150 of our people leaders. Kristen’s presentation was engaging, informative and practical. Kristen was incredibly entertaining and full of energy. She was able to make complex theory simple and easy to understand whilst also applying it practically for our leaders to take back and use with their teams. The feedback from our people leaders has been exceptional with many stating that they have been able to apply much of what Kristen presented.

Allyson Carlile
Head of HR

I was very fortunate to be trained by Kristen as her knowledge of resilience and coaching through neuroscience-based methodologies is outstanding. Kristen has remarkable way of explaining complex theory in a way which makes it real and understandable

Lina Di Prisa,
Human Resources Business Partner,

Kristen Hansen; dynamic, engaging and relevant. In presenting her neuroleadership session to the State Trustees managers, Kristen unlocked a response from the whole group that I’ve not been seen before. Every person took away strategies to help them be better leaders and they are still talking about the session months later

John Brennan
General Manager - Strategy, Innovation & Transformation
State Trustees

Kristen’s presentation was engaging, entertaining and highly educational. Our membership community of established business leaders had only exceptional feedback and would love to hear from Kristen again in the future.

Eleni Jordan
Carlton & United Breweries

The presentation on the neuroscience of resilience and emotional intelligence was a powerful experience for my sales team. You got them thinking about how they can be more resilient, effective and connected with their customers - great result

Justin Melton
General Manager Sales & Marketing

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