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Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind

Transforming Managers Into Agile Leaders of Change & Performance

NeuroTREAD™ presentations and training solutions provide highlights from the field of neuroleadership for leaders. Neuroleadership refers to a new field regarding the application of findings from neuroscience to the field of leadership. 

The field of Neuroleadership includes research into four broad areas: decision making, regulation, collaboration and managing change. 

NeuroTREAD™ represents the five areas that allow leaders to improve performance of self and others. The NeuroTREAD™ Summary Workshop Programme is derived from the TREAD™ framework with the emphasis on Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind.

Manager vs Leader

Manager to Leader


Training programmes can be tailored to meet your specific challenges. This is recommended, however often the programmes range from a half day to 3 days. Often, we will suggest a follow up session after one month, or it can be a regular session monthly.

The topics often covered are:

Manager to Leader in 90 Days Programme

With the fast-paced, continuously changing organisational environment, managers have a challenging role to lead themselves and their teams through ambiguous and new territories.

With technology and globalisation changing the way we work, the way we create value and the way we service customers at a rate never seen before, managers need strong leadership capabilities at all levels of the organisation.

Manager to Leader Coaching Services

Manager to Leader in 90 days is

  • Designed with the busy, time poor manager in mind.
  • Drawn from latest neuroscience research 
  • Follows 10 years of successful thought leadership and practical strategies 
  • Combines digital and bite-sized learning technology 
  • Condensed blended engagement programme 
  • Covers key areas of the NeuroTREAD framework: Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind


Manager to Leader app

Manager to Leader Training Services

Programme Over 3-6 months

  • In-Person Short workshop series (3.5 hours) for up to 30 managers:
  • 6 sessions fortnightly (or monthly) 9-12:30pm or 1:30-5pm or 3 sessions monthly (or bi) 9-5pm
  • Every 2-4 weeks with online and app-based content, activities and community, supporting and embedding habits during the other weeks – $28,940
  • Includes materials, recorded workshops (18 sessions), assessment and online – $965 pp 


  • Interactive Webinar series (45 mins) programme weekly for 12 weeks supported by the online and app-based content, activities and community. $14,900
  • Includes materials, recorded workshops (12 sessions), assessment and online (group) $495 pp
  • Can be inhouse or team based or attending an open programme as individuals $695 pp

Transforming Managers Into Agile Leaders of Change and Performance with NeuroTREAD™

  • Are your managers technical experts but not leading and developing your staff?
  • Are your executives overwhelmed and stretched facing significant change and expectation?
  • Are your sales advisors not connecting and converting?
Transform your “ stretched ” executives into resilient & agile performers with our Manager to Leader in 90 days programme. Using our key framework NeuroTREAD ™

How to Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt & Develop with the brain in mind.

Key programs include :
Manager to Leader in 90 days
Leading through change
Coaching for Performance

THINK: Understand the decision-making process and the innovative brain for empowering thinking strategies.

– Understand the anatomy of “thinking”, cognitive capacity, influences, the limitations of and ability to renew our thinking capacity
– Understand the brain’s overarching principle of safety and how that impacts everything
– Leaders will learn how to have clearer thinking, the impacts of multi-tasking, ability to have more “insights” and creative solutions to complex problems
– Leaders will understand the link between our emotions and thinking capabilities.

REGULATE: Regulate emotions, manage stress and renew your mental capacity for peak performance.

– Regulate emotions and manage stress more effectively
– Understand the impact of mental, physical and social strategies to regulate emotions and improve thinking when in stressful, overloaded or negative situations
– Understand how mindfulness improves thinking, emotion regulation and increases the functionality and flexibility in thinking. Learn simple, quick and effective mindfulness techniques that you can do anywhere, anytime and in a short space of time.
– Learn how to use “brain breaks” to renew cognitive capacity and creative thinking

ENGAGE: Tailor your leadership and motivate others by understanding the strong social brain drivers.

– Understand the social brain and why it’s so important
– Understand the social motivators in the brain and those most likely to send us into “threat” and “reward”
– Leaders will learn more about their own social motivators and how they differ from others
– Leaders will learn how to adapt their communication and style to influence and collaborate with others more effectively
– Finally, leaders will understand the neural basis of emotion contagion: how their mood and emotions impact others and how to create a strong positive leadership culture

ADAPT: Strategies to create and sustain change and improvements in self and others, individually and organisationally.

– Why is change so challenging, yet understand our brain is wired for change
– Understand processes to make changes in your thinking, emotions and behaviours
– Understand habit formation and how to create new healthier, productive habits
– Understand the brain’s challenge with change and steps to overcome this
– How to help others accept and embrace change

DEVELOP: Develop yourself and others through brain-based coaching and feedback models.

– Develop focusses on the neuroscience of brain-based coaching models
– Why is “coaching” so effective in helping others change and how it can be more effective
– How to set and achieve goals using the full capability of the brain (both left and right hemispheres)
– Learn how to enhance people’s thinking so they are able to solve problems using their conscious and non-conscious processing
– Learn how to provide feedback that is non-threatening and more empowering