Coaching Solutions

Coaching Solutions

EnHansen Performance provides coaching and training to suit the performance requirements. Coaching can be face to face or over the telephone, based on ½ hour – 1 hour sessions, weekly or fortnightly, individually or in small groups. Coaching can be talored to maximise your results and fit in with time commitments and budget.

The coaching programme is delivered over a 3-6-month initial time frame and is conducted in a structured format. The coaching sessions or programmes can involve PRISM Brain Mapping, DiSC assessments, Emotional Intelligence assessments, neuro-feedback or energy management feedback. EnHansen Performance has coaches available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Dubbo.

Business Coach Training Programs

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching provides senior business leaders or owners an independent and objective coach to develop their business and personal goals. Executive coaching is usually weekly or fortnightly, but can be monthly.

The executive coaching will focus on strategies that are relevant for the individual based on neuroscience research. These topics may include stress management, resilience, decision-making, forming high performance habits, coaching skills, emotion regulation, collaboration, managing change, leadership, insights, motivation, confidence and leadership style.

Sales Coaching

Sales coaching can be focussed around the development of a specific sales skill or can be general improvement across all aspects of the sales process, languages and outcomes or building people skills for technical sales executives.

NeuroLeadership Coaching

NeuroLeadership Coaching specifically works on developing the senior leaders understanding of the brain as a way to achieve goals. Areas covered can include problem solving, performance thinking, emotion regulation and stress management, collaborating and influencing others and managing change.

NeuroLeadership Coaching is also for internal or external coaches wanting to know the latest brain research to improve performance. By understanding the brain better, coaches and leaders are equipped to offer evidence-based strategies to those they are coaching or leading. The following insights are woven into all coaching where appropriate.

NeuroLeadership Coaching covers any or all of the following during a coaching series or training programme: