Diverse and Inclusive Leadership

Diverse and inclusive teams are well recognised in building levels of innovation, creativity and performance. Many leaders understand this however in reality it can be harder to capitalise on this potential.
In this program, managers will expand their knowledge and capacity to leverage the differences in their team by providing genuinely inclusive leadership.

Drawn from our NeuroTREAD framework on how to Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind, the universal neuroscience based principles and strategies add significant understanding and value to the delivery of inclusive leadership.



Share a collective and inclusive vision
Minimise unconscious bias in hiring and development.
Innovate and take advantage of neuro-diverse
problem-solving approaches

Improve your ability to read and regulate emotions
Learn to create a culture of reappraisal, increased trust and respect to build a collaborative team environment

Lead in ways that increase the impact of a diverse team
Lift engagement through the diverse social motivators
Utilise various cultural, religious and gender inclusion practices to maximise engagement and participation

Rewire your team’s thinking and behavioural habits and through neuroplasticity

Enable more productive and inclusive development conversations
Recognise and reward a diverse range of contributions and ways to innovate, take risks and collaborate


Our diverse team of facilitators speak and consult based on their unique experiences on specific topics such as:

  • The Migrants Journey to Success – Ayesha Bibha
    The Diversity of
  • Mindspeed – Ayesha Bibha
  • Navigating Change – Dr Niyi Borire
    Cultural and
  • Religious Diversity; Muslim Faith; Celebrate and Demystify- Ghaith Krayem
  • Neuroperformance for Women – Kristen Hansen
  • Women Leaders in IT – Vannessa McCamley

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting and Training Team

Kristen Hansen

20+ years as senior woman in sales leadership roles. Women’s Resilience Centre; helping build resilience and careers after domestic violence Neuroleadership expert

Dr. Niyi Borire

Award-winning Neurologist, Neuroscience researcher,

First African Neurologist in Australia

Speaker and Executive Coach

Vannessa McCamley

20+ years IT Industry sales marketing management experience, NeuroLeadership Consultant, Facilitator, Coach, Keynote Presenter

Ayesha Bibha

Australian Bangladeshi Supporting women refugees. Neuroscience of Leadership. 20+ years, as an educator, L&D consultant, facilitator, performance coach.

Author of Mindspeed

Ghaith Krayem

Expertise in Diversity and Inclusion particular in relation to the intersection between race & religion

building capacity and capability within the Muslim community on a range of issues