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Emotional Intelligence:
Emotional Intelligent
Leader Report

Emotionally intelligent leadership has been shown to contribute to many organizational success factors. Global research studies continue to conclude that leaders who demonstrate high levels of EI are better equipped to collaborate with, inspire and motivate their teams. Our Emotionally Intelligent Leader Report reflects the importance that EI is now cementing in Leadership Development.

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Multi Rated Assessment

Emotional Intelligent
Multi-Rater Assessment Report

Our assessment report is based on an individual’s self-reported emotional intelligence as well as ratings by managers, peers, direct reports, clients, and/or suppliers. The multi-rater report is presented as two workbooks — the first contains assessment results, relative EI strengths, and developmental opportunities; the second contains targeted developmental strategies and a journal to support the improvement of EI behavior in the workplace.

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Enduring Impact Report

The Enduring Impact Simplified Multi-Rater Report is the first product to be launched in the Enduring Impact developmental program. The program is designed as a learning journey that starts with a foundation of Self-Awareness through EI assessment and continues with five learning modules (facilitated half-day workshops) designed specifically for application at the ‘front-line employee through middle manager’ level.

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Unique report features

A simplified four-dimension EI multi-rater (self and others) report (awareness, expression, reasoning, and management) that is visually memorable (four quadrants, use of color and

Less challenging for subjects who may be experiencing a multi-rater assessment experience for the first time (two rater categories only—self perception and the perception of others)

Less time consuming to complete (29-question assessment)
More accessible and relatable in terms of language used to
describe the behaviors and benefits of EI development

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Emotional Intelligence: impact for participants and references

“The Genos Enduring Impact Train-the-Trainer is consistently rated Excellent (A+) by program participants for both facilitation by Kristen and for the program materials and content. The program, which received a Highly Commended in the Blended Learning section of the 2011 AITD National Awards, translates cutting edge content, assessments, frameworks and concepts, into practical leadership behaviours that endure and have impact. Kristen has a great knowledge of the subject matter, presents in a professional and easy-going manner and responds stunningly well to all manner of questions.”

James Gordon
Director of Customer Experience and Technology
Genos International

Some other qualitative feedback that we have received from participants includes:
“For the past 18 months, Genos International have delivered the Enduring Impact Program for our Council. To date, almost 50 staff, ranging from senior executive to project officers, have gone through the program and we have seen an improvement in ‘other’ ratings of up to 30%. Kristen facilitates the program for us, and she is an excellent facilitator, a great fit for our organisation. The Enduring Impact program is so popular in our organisation that we haven’t had to advertise the last 2 programs and still filled the places with people on the wait list.”

Anne-Marijke Gerretsen
Learning & Development Specialist, Human Resources
Parramatta City Council, NSW

“Kristen was an exceptional facilitator, well delivered and tremendous knowledge. Material and content also fantastic.”
“As a facilitator, Kristen was one of the best I have experienced. She was extremely knowledgeable and was able to relate much of the content to myself and other attendees. A very valuable training course and I look forward to using it in the near future. “
“The program was excellent there was enough practice to allow us to develop our skills. It is now a matter of putting this into practice within the workplace. Kirsten was excellent, very knowledgeable and great at keeping the group focussed, she is an absolute star. I am already formulating how I am going to market this – there are a lot of companies which could benefit from this.”