for Women

Curious how neuroscience can help you or your team improve their performance?

Utilising the latest neuroscience research into goal achievement and peak performance, Kristen Hansen will lead this one day NeuroPerformance for Women programme on how to clarify your goals, change your brain and achieve your outcomes.

Learn the difference between a woman and man’s brain and how to capitalise on this. By exploring neuroplasticity, we will examine and share the mindset, habits and personal productivity secrets on how to wire your brain for success. Stress less by building resilience and lead yourself and others more effectively to maximise your fulfilment. 

We will also examine brain health through mindfulness, diet, sleep and exercise.

Book one day workshop to wire your brain for success

Renewed Direction


Are you realising your career potential or broader purpose?


Stressed trying to juggle work, home and health? Want to build resilience and achieve better balance?


Overwhelmed by emails and
meetings? Learn how to get the
best out of your time and brain.


Lead yourself and others more effectively using new strategies to reach your peak and enhance motivation and adaptability.
A brain new you

Walk away with 3 goals and a clear path on how to achieve them.