Remote Leadership

Accelerated Remote Leadership

The world health emergency with the Covid 19 pandemic is seeing increased consideration to ensure safety of management and staff and accelerated remote work initiatives.

Many managers will be responsible for leading a team remotely without prior experience at this. It can be a daunting prospect especially because their team members are also experiencing very mixed reactions to the continuous threat the virus represents to their health as well as the financial and social impacts.

Leaders need to be prepared to support their staff in both the psychological safety as well as the physical aspects of working remotely. They will also need to generate ways to ensure the engagement, communication and performance of their team.

Remote Leadership

Time for an innovative and collaborative approach

Leaders need to validate people’s concern and support their team members to work together to create as much business as usual and also pivot in innovative ways to support clients where possible and appropriate. The more managers understand the way the brain works in this fight/ flight/ freeze mode we are seeing and have strategies to combat this and lead through change and uncertainty, the quicker people will be able to be innovative and collaborative in their approach to the revised way of working and living.

We believe this is an important time to support managers in their leadership journey to ensure their team members feel supported, productive, innovative, developed and motivated during this time. This is a time to accelerate our focus, pivot our delivery and maximise the opportunities these challenges represent to our businesses, our resilience and even personal circumstances.

The 6 pillars of effective remote leadership

If your organisation or leaders will be leading remote teams, it’s essential to set them up for success by understanding the 6 pillars of effective remote working.

Remote Leadership Training Services


Webinar 1: Remote Work Establishment

Webinar 2: High Performance Remote Work

What Our Clients Are Saying

EnHansen Performance “Resilience and Change” course was very interesting, informative and useful. The training has encouraged us to learn how to adapt to change and what tools we can use to influence positive change in others and has given few light-bulb moments about ways to strengthen resilience. The quality of the training has been fantastic and our staff is really engaging with the trainer and getting something out of it. Thank you! “

Joanne Fung
Senior Manager
BT Financial

Kristen is a world of knowledge in the neuroscience space. Her passion and energy for the subject alongside her sales leadership experience in corporate settings brings together practical take-aways for leaders in applying the concepts. I would highly recommend Kristen for future training in this space. Kristen’s session with Westpac AFS leaders received positive feedback, the leaders enjoyed the balance of the proven brain science concepts along with the practical leadership learnings.

Teresa O'Brien
HR Manager

I had always felt that when confronted with a stressful or difficult situation that it was always best to think before responding. The content not only supported this intuition but gave me the science and underpinning knowledge on how to utilise that instinct to achieve the best outcome, for both myself and others. Understanding the brain and how change affect it, was what resonated most with me and the rest of my team. Realising why the Amygdala has such an impact on people’s responses and the overpowering influences it has on the Pre-Frontal Cortex (our decision- making capabilities).

Wayne McKenna,
Superintendent, Zone Manager,
North Coast Sector
Ambulance Service NSW

Kristen’s presentation on how to approach staff to get the best out of them was powerful. She struck just the right balance of science, humour and pragmatic suggestions. Understanding how to approach difficult conversations can be a lifetime’s work, so having the frame of neuroscience in which to practice this provides for a very practical and useful approach.

Dr.Tahnya Donaghy
Executive Director, Strategic Policy
Government of South Australia

I found the session really useful. I was interested by the productivity/ open mindset of reward vs threat state, the vision, planning, detail, problem, drama “ladder”. I have made more of an effort to take breaks & get outdoors, including the deep breathing around trees. There were many other aspects I found useful & would highly recommend Kristen.

Ellen Whitfield
Administration Officer –HR/HSE

"I took home valuable insights from every part of the workshop and have shared them with work colleagues and family. It is rare to get a course where you learn from all components.” “The dynamic engaging nature of the speaker –she rocks!

GE Healthcare, Evaluation 9.3/10
GE Healthcare