The Neuroscience of Leadership & Performance

Transforming managers into agile leaders of change, providing evidence rich strategies from the field of neuroleadership.

Transforming Managers & Individuals into
Agile Leaders of Change & Performance

Empower, Perform and Persuade with the brain in mind

EnHansen Performance specialises in leadership, sales and performance utilising the latest developments in neuroscience providing coaching, training and keynote speaking with bespoke solutions.

The focus of our programmes is to transform your managers into “agile leaders of change and performance”. Through a combination of self-awareness, feedback from others, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, collaboration, insights and coaching, the managers will be inspired to lead others to peak performance.

Working with leaders and individuals throughout Australia and Asia, we aim to transform performance using a structured coaching model that is brain-based and solutions focused. We focus on the areas of Neuroscience of Leadership, Resilience, Change, Engagement, Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making adding significant value to your leadership development programs.

Certified Leadership Trainer

Who We Are

Kristen Hansen founded EnHansen Performance in 2008 following sales management roles in blue-chip Australian companies. Kristen has worked with thousands of executives to develop their leadership, resilience, coaching and decision-making capabilities through the latest research in neuroscience.

Kristen’s philosophy is that by understanding the mechanics of the brain you can engineer your own change and change in others. Kristen is also an international keynote speaker at leadership conferences on these topics and was nominated for the National Speakers Award.

Client Success Stories

In the Media


Kristen Hansen’s

Speaking Reel

Kristen Hansen is an international Keynote speaker and has has spoken at over 50 leadership related conferences in the last 15 years. Whilst predominately through word of mouth she is now a National Speakers Award recipient.

Kristen speaks regularly at blue chip leadership conferences nationally and internationally over Asia and the USA and is an expert radio commentator.

“Kristen’s presentation was engaging entertaining and highly educational. Our membership community of establihed business leader had only exceptional feedback and would love to hear from Kristen again in the future.”

– Eleni Jordan

Brain Based Coaching
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